Books Published by Jo Ann Lordahl


Jo Ann has been a very prolific writer over the years and has produced and published over 30 books so far in fiction and non-fiction genres. Below you will find a list by type and then the name. Click on the name and you can view the information pages and be able to click on the links to purchase copies for your very own.


Collected Poems

Non-Fiction Books

Argentine Journal: Coming of Age as a Poet

The End of Motherhood: New Identities, New Lives

Reconnecting The Healing Circle (Fibroids: Reconnecting the Healing Circle)

Money Meditations for Women

Reflections for Busy Educators

Motivators for Educators

Kaleidoscope Mind: 100 Affirmations for the Creative Person

Circles of Sharing

Spiritual Gold

Finding A Partner and It May Be YOU

My Unveiled Face: A Memoir of a Free Woman – Book One, Book Two and Book Three

Age and Beauty: Checklist for Aging

Fiction Books

Secrets, a Novel and Wolf World, a Novel – The Secrets Series

Princess Ruth: Love & Tragedy in Hawaii and A Secret Kept in Hawaii

Romance Stories

Those Subtle Weeds

My Red Tiger

Shadows on the Teche

Devil Oil Man Diaries

Gold For My Heart

Glimmer of the Moon