Non-Fiction books covers a very wide gamut of topics. Jo Ann has produced quite a few self-help books. With her psychological background and continuous search for the meaning of life and how to live a glorious one she shares her knowledge with others in the best way she knows how, writing and publishing.

NonFiction Books

Argentine Journal: Coming of Age as a Poet

The End of Motherhood: New Identities, New Lives

Reconnecting The Healing Circle (Fibroids: Reconnecting the Healing Circle)

Money Meditations for Women

Reflections for Busy Educators

Motivators for Educators

Kaleidoscope Mind: 100 Affirmations for the Creative Person

Circles of Sharing

Spiritual Gold

Finding A Partner and It May Be YOU

My Unveiled Face: A Memoir of a Free Woman – Book One, Book Two and Book Three

Age and Beauty: Checklist for Aging