Spiritual Gold

Spiritual Gold

Spiritual Gold

I’d hit bottom. Yet I felt free. My future was in my own hands, and I vowed to create the life I desired out of the ashes of my dreams.

Barely past twenty, I emerged from a painful marriage to an alcoholic, a baby and an old green Studebaker my only assets. With no self-esteem, no money, no education, and no supportive circle of friends, I was stuck in survival, scraping and scratching to find my way to abundance on an unfamiliar path.

The journey–for all of us–is hard. We face momentous decisions compounded by insecurity, traveling forward when we take action, when we learn to trust ourselves and our universe. We must first believe in who we are and that we can in order to make a difference in our world and for our world.

I went through the stages of Survival and Accumulation with little to no spiritual awareness. If I were beginning my journey now, I’d incorporate spiritual knowledge from the start. True connection is grounded in real life; that is to say, no matter how far we travel, we come back to ourselves.

The magic that we can most truly believe in is the magic we experience and co-create, for we dwell in a universe of infinite possibilities. By finding and living our own principles and values, we actually bring our dreams into reality. And isn’t it so much better to live our own dream than be led by somebody else’s?

Action steps. Positive thinking. Banishing the negative and the stressful. Stress makes you old and our energy is finite. So we must teach ourselves to meet stress head on and to effect change, no matter how huge out problems loom before us. When our circumstances change, we need to change as well.

Material success? It’s not enough. Through connection to something bigger than ourselves, we create a new sense of prosperity…illumination, transformation. We lead more meaningful and integrated lives.

Listen to your body. Really listen. Pay attention–to your health, your mind, emotions, friends, spirituality and peace of mind, and the prosperity (the financial security) that you can resolve to achieve to keep it all in balance. You can have a happier life. I know because I traveled the road.

My journey to financial independence transformed over time into a fortune in Spiritual Gold. You can do it, too. Reach for the Gold. All around you is a wealth of opportunity, if you just believe in yourself, build on your strengths, and focus on what you really need–physically, psychologically, and emotionally.

Trust me. Trust yourself.

You can choose a happier life