Argentine Journal: Coming of Age as a Poet

Argentine Journal: Coming of Age as a Poet

Argentine Journal

Review – Argentine Journal

Wish you hadn’t given me Argentine Journal! I stayed up last night and read it, then read it again (blearily!) this morning. Too much wine, too little sleep, too much to understand.

How brave you are to be willing to show so much of yourself, and how hard you are struggling — with the things all of us contend with: balancing, choosing, accepting. What a curse the inquiring mind is — it would be so much easier to have a single digit IQ!

But — as Freud said — what else is there but work and love? That’s more than enough, as far as I’m concerned! — Jean

From the Author:

I received the opportunity to live for four months in Buenos Aires, Argentina and later to travel this fantastic country. I set myself the task of writing a poem a day and keeping a daily journal. What I learned is that work-on-a schedule can be as excellent as any you do—and your schedule enhances greatly the amount of work you can turn out. At some point, we are all beginners. The real artist feeds her soul AND feeds her need for work.