Finding a Partner and It May Be You

Finding a Partner and It May Be You

Finding A Partner and It May Be You

Society says:
Too many women, too few guys.
Finding your perfect man is nearly impossible.
You’re a failure without a husband.
Women of a “certain age” should disappear!
Don’t notice lies authorities tell you.
You are powerless.
Take care of others first.
Don’t boss or make waves. Enlightened women say:
Age is only a number—and mine is unlisted!
If no one else gives me value, I give it to myself.
I own and love designing my life.
I learn what I want and go, heartfully, after it.
Motherhood is a season in the life of a woman.
I follow the truth of my soul and the truth of my being.
This is the best of times—so many choices.
I have learned to say no.
My good heart, positive mind and healthy body are my greatest assets. Would you marry yourself? Once again, Jo Ann Lordahl lives and writes the book she wants to read.

From The Author:

The back cover of Finding A Partner and It May Be You asks: Would you marry yourself? That question not only stopped me cold, it propelled me toward a year of intense soul-searching and hard work. Once again I was living and writing the book I wanted to read. My introduction and Week One (of 36) are in the Preview; please take a look. Finding A Partner and It May Be You is one of my favorite books. Why? Starting from a fairly miserable personal space, here is (from an ending paragraph) what I wrote and lived myself into: (And by the way, so can you!)

As this first year on my chosen island of Kaua’i and this manuscript come to close, this feels like completion, closing a circle. And this “growing to be familiar” feeling is satisfaction and happiness. Wow. In this weeks’ Huna healing group, I was startled to hear myself say, “I love my life.” This stunningly beautiful island is my home. This world is my home. I’ve come home to myself.