Love and Tragedy in Hawaii

Princess Ruth: Love & Tragedy in Hawaii – Book 1

Princess Ruth Love and Tragedy in Hawaii

Princess Ruth had my heart as soon as I saw her on the cover of The High Chieftess: Ruth Keelikolani. This is the story of Princess Ruth, the richest woman in Hawaii, and how Samantha, a haole newcomer, settles into renewed love and life on Kauai, the oldest, most spiritual of the islands. Major themes are GMOs, Hawaii’s fateful history and women’s special stories including Princess Ruth stopping a fiery volcano cold in its tracks. Kauai’s natural beauty, places and the forbidden island of Niihau are interwoven.

Princess Ruth: Love and Tragedy in Hawaii features a map of Hawaii, many factual end notes, a book list of resources, and a chronology of Hawaiian royalty from antiquity, including Princess Ruth dates.


A Secret Kept in Hawaii – Book 2
A Secret Kept in Hawaii - Book 2
A sequel to Princess Ruth, A Secret Kept in Hawaii continues Samantha’s story. Set amidst the beauty of her Garden Island home of Kauai, Samantha embarks on a spiritual quest to face her personal struggles with fidelity, militarism, and care of the ‘aina (land), while also staying in touch through letters to her warrior husband, Kaimana, now on duty abroad.
While on her quest, Samantha purposefully, and sometimes quite accidentally, evolves into a woman we can admire and, through her journey, she wonderfully illuminates our own.