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Age into Beauty: Checklist for Aging

I’ve been living and writing a long time. First published 1974.

Yet Age Into Beauty is different: I worried if I could keep motivation?
Through the Covid pandemic? Did I know enough? Did I have anything meaningful to say about timeless subjects of life and death? What were my questions?
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What Makes Me Feel Prosperous

What Makes Me Feel Prosperous?

Success makes me feel prosperous – accomplishing something, especially if it’s a long time coming. The sense of satisfaction is delicious.

Beauty makes me feel prosperous – the orchid I thought dead now bursting three yellow and red-lipped blossoms. The sea cascading over rocks at Salt Pond. The charming white-penned goat with green eyes rushing to greet me on my daily walk. I pull long green grass and the young goat gobbles eagerly – ignoring, as long as I stay – the same green grass in its pen. Sometimes the goat nibbles my fingers.
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Walk A Mile In Their Shoes

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes (Or if they can’t walk, share their story) With only a small amount of effort, sometimes I can feel sorry for myself: This, that didn’t work as I wanted. A stumble here, a fall there, a dog bite on a morning walk. Little things which are nothing really—minor glitches. Which I can magnify. Then I read the marvelous A Certain Loneliness: A Memoir by Sandra Gail Lambert. I met Sandra Lambert, briefly, at a talk she gave. We talked a bit about Diana Athill, Somewhere Towards The End, the English writer, who died recently at age 101 still working. Both of us impressed.
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