Todays Blog is a poem:

An Evening At Cross Creek

You ask me why should I stay in this blue mountain.
I smile but do not answer. O, my mind is at ease.
Peach blossoms and flowing streams pass away without trace.
How different from the mundane world!

                            <em>Li Po, Chinese Poet
                            likely born 701</em>

Li Po, you ask me why
I stay in this blue mountain.
I smile but do not speak –

clarity from thinking
thoughts with no solutions –
The evening sky is purple.

I look at Florida palm trees.
Dark water breaking at my feet.
Two sandhills fly trailing thin legs.

I stay in this blue mountain;
I cling to moon and clouds,
to night and solitude.

For only here,
in this blue mountain,
do I live.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your day.

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