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Some time back, in doing a review of Lyndsey Stomebridge and her We Are Free to Change the World: Hannah Arendt’s Lessons in Love and Disobedience, I was inspired to nominate my own awards for Changing the World.

Here’s another proposed person for this award; it’s for: Giving away lots of Cash; but mostly for gutsy, timely, and well thought out awards of that cash to Women & Girls!

Yes, Melinda French Gates (formerly Bill & Melinda Foundation) is now charting her own course and has decided to “spend 1 billion [1000 million equals I billion] in new spending over the next two years for people and organizations working on behalf of women and families around the word, including on reproductive rights in the United States.” What a truly fabulous idea!

Melinda Gates, “Recently, I offered 12 people whose work I admire their own 20 million grant-making fund to distribute as he or she sees fit. That group—which includes the former prime minister of New Zealand; the athlete and maternal-health advocate Allyson Felix;; and an Arab champion of girls’ education, Shabana Basijtise.” Melinda Gates continues, “I’m eager to see the landscape of funding opportunities through their eyes and the results their approaches unlock.”*

Wow – talk about shaking things up! Talk about really helping women and girls! Talk about making differences in this world.

*Melinda French Gates, Why I’m Investing in Women and Girls, The New York Times, Sunday, June 2, 2024.

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