Dreamers Garden in Gainesville Florida

Dreamers Garden in Gainesville Florida

I was privileged recently to be asked to read some of my poems in the Dreamer’s Garden right here in Gainesville, Florida. The organizer of the Garden and the events was Maria Huff Edwards who sent me a lovely follow-up email:

Thank you, Jo Ann , for bringing such a lovely reading to Dreamers Garden, and for sharing your poetic journey with us. It was a special occasion.

And, to commemorate the occasion today we planted a red hibiscus to honor your presentation and as a memorial to Hawaii in this moment of tragedy during the wildfires burning the Island of Maui.

Thank you also for the $20–we will plant an ‘August Beauty’ gardenia to further commemorate your reading along NW 10th Avenue and as a replacement for one of the ‘Frost proof’ gardenias of an earlier Gardenia Project at Dreamers Garden last year.

Dreamers Garden in
Maria Huff Edwards has been instrumental in founding the Dreamers Garden and the Grove Street Neighborhood Association. The community garden, on the corner of NW 10th Street and 4th Avenue in Gainesville

Collected Poems by Joann Lordahl


The circle’s come round
willing again to love,
sustain, nourish,

One difference
all the difference.

I choose which oak branch
to get my strength,
which persimmon leaf to favor.
When my roots nee water
I bring deep mineral rain.

Collected Poems by JoAnn Lordahl 2023

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