Keep Up Your Spirits

Keep Up Your Spirits

I read something that helps keep my spirits up in these ghastly times. Maybe it will help you too.

Here’s the problem with tuning out or running away, as tempting as flight might be. Demagogues, dictators, and sociopaths are relentless in their pursuit of self-serving ends, and succeed when they wear down the resistance of principled people. When evil men triumph, escape is only temporary. When we were in Patagonia, we heard two sharp cracking sounds from the glaciers—warning signs of the ancient ice’s dramatic retreat amid warming temperatures. Do nothing but admire the scenery, and one day the glaciers—and so much else—will be gone. The same is true for democracy and decency. We can succumb to doomerism and let the bastards win, or stand and fight for what matters, and for the world we leave our children and grandchildren.

William Falk, Editor-at-large, THE WEEK, March 15, 2024

And here is a poem from a friend in Hawaii that makes me happy:

Every beauty is a light that feeds our hearts
until we shine in the darkness.
Every love is the music we dance to
even though we hear no song.
Although we do not see the ending,
every blind, doubting act of faith
is mending the broken world.

Eve Powers

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