It’s a while since I’ve raved over a book I’m reading. Well here goes:

It’s Lyndsey Stonebridge, We are Free to Change the World: Hannah Arendt’s Lessons in Love and Disobedience, Random House, 2024.

We are Free to Change the World

I’ve fairly recently learned that I can tell I’m in trouble reading a book when I discover myself marking and re-marking pages of the book. Unbelievably almost every page is marked. [Please don’t tell the library, but I mark very lightly in pencil, which I then erase as I copy passages and/or Xerox pages into my computer].

We Are Free is further inspiring me to construct my own Awards for Changing Our World. First are Old Time Quakers & The Four young men, and families who left Alabama for Costco Rica, in protest, as the Vietnam War began. Another private nominee is Stacey Abrams for herself and for her excellent political work. And I’ll also nominate this author: Lyndsey Stonebridge who, to my mind, simply does an outstanding job of explaining and interpreting Hannah Arendt.

Well you get the idea – We Are Free helps me view the world, others, and myself in a much more positive frame of mind!

Thank You for reading, JoAnnLordahl.com

[My apologies: Reading, Writing currently consumes all my dwindling energy.]

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