Apprentice - Alcoholic

Apprentice – Alcoholic

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Apprentice Alcoholic
Oh Lord, Please help me
drink all my champagne
from small glasses.
And seldom.
by Jo Ann Lordahl

Spirituality, Gandhi said over and over again, is about being real. It’s about being in touch with who we really are. It’s not about shoving stuff in corners, or under rugs. It’s being alive. That’s what it’s about. So, again, I’d say that’s one of the spiritual benefits of engaging in nonviolence, because these things come up to us in our face in a way that they sometimes might not in other kinds of context.
George Lakey, New Theory, Old Practice: Nonviolence and Quakers, The Thirty- fourth Annual Michener Quaker Lecture in Florida, 1-18-2004. P 18

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