Happiness Is A Choice You Make

I thought I would share something from my book “Age into Beauty – Checklist” where I share some of the tips to growing old gracefully. Afterall, I have made it into my 90s so I may know a thing or two. But in this book I have included a host of others who have done their research as well as their living. You may find some of it useful and the other bits you can ignore if you wish.

Day Nine-On – You Have A Choice

John Leland wrote – Happiness is a Choice You Make: Lessons from a year among the oldest old. Leland is a reporter fro the New Your Times who spent a year interviewing and learning from six of the city’s oldest old residents – people 85 and above – from diverse cultures, backgrounds and life experiences.

Age into Beauty: Checklist for Aging

But for today I thought I would add another quote from the same page you might find useful:

‘Aging isn’t necessarily pretty, but it doesn’t have to be terrible. Money helps, Having family helps. but I’ve met people who have neither, and are doing fine in old age,‘ writes Judy Wong who runs an agency serving low-income seniors.

When you think over your life I hope there are lots of moments that you remember smiling and just enjoying that point in time. There may not be many of them but there also may be lots more on the horizon for you.

It is your choice!!!

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