Hollow Eyes Bellies Hearts - Jimmy Carter

Hollow Eyes, Bellies, Hearts – Jimmy Carter

Hollow Eyes, Bellies, Hearts
Jimmy Carter

We chosen people, rich and blessed,
rarely come to ask ourselves
if we should share our voice or power,
or a portion of our wealth.

We deal with problems of our own,
and claim we have have no prejudice
against the people, different, strange
whose image we would dismiss:

Hollow eyes in tiny faces,
hollow bellies, gaunt limbs, there
so far away. Why grieve here
for such vague, remote despair?

Human debris tries to reach
friendly port, however far.
We can’t pay them mind forever,
wretched dregs from an ugly war

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We chosen few are truly blessed.
It’s clear God does not want us pained
by those who suffer far away.
Are we to doubt what He ordained?

Jimmy Carter, Always A Reckoning and Other Poems, Random House, 1995

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