The Worm Turns

The Worm Turns

Today’s blog is a poem for fun and notes on a book, A Lover’s Discourse.

  1. The Worm Turns

I always dream they’ll come back.
On full moon nights
I think in the tub, soaping

He’ll remember, want me
so badly no obstacle will
suffice to quiet his quick heart.

I always think they’ll come back
panting for my charms, missing
me as I’ve missed them, longing

the days away as I have.
I always hope they’ll come back.
So I can say, ‘Get lost you rat

I found somebody new!’

  1. Thoughts about Xiaolu Guo, A Lover’s Discourse, A Novel, Grove Press, 2020. I’ve not read this author before so she comes as quite a surprise. Writing from a different language, I notice her especially female point of view, crisp and with an economy of language which is quite pleasing. Chapters are short. I find myself more drawn into her story the further I read. Mostly we deal with only two people: a woman and a man. A lot of feeling is portrayed in A Lover’s Discourse and always using that economy of language. Reading this story, I am intrigued.

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