Daughter of the Moon From Collected Poems

Daughter of the Moon From Collected Poems

Today I am featuring a poem from my Collected Poems book available on Amazon in both paperback and eBook format. hint- hint-🙂

Daughter of the Moon

I lived upon a crystal mountain
Was a daughter of the moon.
Circles of women taught me secrets
Of harvest, sun, nature, men.

I ived in ancient ages, free to
come at whim, go at leisure.
Walking at night, I feared not one thing;
earth my friend, heaven a king.

I called no one master and followed
no direction except my own.
Owning myself I gave what I had:
wild berries, choices, and love.

I was careful not to impose my
will on others. Yet never
was with one man, without another
waiting slow in his shadow.

Have a great day. Get out there an enjoy the sunshine if you find it, a park or sit by a body of water and enjoy the peace to be found outdoors where there is no one else around.

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