I'm on a Podcast

I’m on a Podcast

I’m on a Podcast! Yes, it is very exciting and Thank you Jolene of Jolene’s Books and Writers Talk for inviting me to join in on the fun. The episodes are post in video on YouTube and in audio on Apple, Spotify, IHeart Radio, Amazon Music and even Google Podccast. I hope you will choose one of these to view or listen to and share your thoughts in the comments. It is only about 15 minutes long. The podcaster (who is also my computer teacher) was kind enough to come by my home and film it.

Upon her advice and help there is now a PRESS KIT available for download for any future news outlet, other blog writers or anyone else who would like to feature me and/or my books. The photographs in the kit are not really up-to-date but they are what I normally use. Please feel free to visit my CONTACT page and view the press kit as well as several other newspaper articles, newsletters and video interviews I have participated in over the years.

Happy Monday!

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