What Makes Me Feel Prosperous

What Makes Me Feel Prosperous?

Success makes me feel prosperous – accomplishing something, especially if it’s a long time coming. The sense of satisfaction is delicious.

Beauty makes me feel prosperous – the orchid I thought dead now bursting three yellow and red-lipped blossoms. The sea cascading over rocks at Salt Pond. The charming white-penned goat with green eyes rushing to greet me on my daily walk. I pull long green grass and the young goat gobbles eagerly – ignoring, as long as I stay – the same green grass in its pen. Sometimes the goat nibbles my fingers.

What Makes Me Feel Prosperous

Once when I was unhappy I made a project of finding ‘moments of grace’ every day. I remain primed to notice beauty in nature’s array. I’ve kept a habit of saying “Thank You” to those special appearances of sunsets, moons, clouds, sight of a horse silhouetted against the sky – beauty. Beauty, ‘moments of grace’ make me feel rich, full, completed, at peace, at one.

Having ordinary details of usual living in order makes me feel prosperous: bills paid, meals prepared, order in writing, in yard, in all my space and activities.

Friends and joining with like-minded souls makes me feel prosperous – hanging out.

Creating makes me feel prosperous: writing, collages, arrangements of rocks, objects, poems, making delicious/nutritious meals and eating them, especially with friends.

Helping others, sharing information, giving encouragement makes me feel prosperous. And especially seeing a need and filling it, like giving a book to someone who clearly needs it, meaningful things to my friends or even sometimes strangers.

Money in the bank makes me feel prosperous. Money in the bank frees me to do what I want. Money in the bank makes me think carefully about spending it: Is this full value? Is there a better way to solve this need? Is this a true need, or only a want? How deep can I dive into what I really need/want? Into what really makes me happy? Feel prosperous?

Tell me what makes you feel prosperous, share it in the comments, create a video and post it to your social media or get in touch using my CONTACT form and let’s talk about it.

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