A Lovely Review of My Own Book

I received a very lovely review of my own book, Age Into Beauty, from Catherine Coggan. Thank you so much for taking the time to not only read my book but to write out a great review as well.

For most of us, growing old means wrinkles and sags that repulse rather than attract. A physical loss that morphs into an emotional and intellectual deterioration. We’re dead before we die. Or, at least, that’s what women are taught to accept.

However, at the age of 90, Jo Ann Lordahl, Ph.D. wants to educate us about a different tale of aging. She has created a 276 page checklist to help us grow older. The book is packed with useful, sometimes clever, carefully considered, always upbeat advice to help readers fashion a constructive, fulfilling lifestyle on the journey to old age.

Ten chapters walk us through the concerns most relevant to elders: nutrition, health and healing, exercise, depression and death. Also, along with her own observations, Dr. Lordahl has woven through her work recommendations for other interesting and challenging literature for us to consider. By doing this, she creates a book that has an easy, homey feel; like a trusted friend talking with us about complicated subjects.

Some counsel is predictable: learn gratitude, love yourself, be kind. But, what gives this book zip and charm is how Dr. Lordahl enlarges these encomiums with her own experiences. Her suggestions are solid and imaginative. In one chapter she mentions her folder of favorite images such as trees, faces and natural wonders which she peeks into for a little shot of delight. She also has a list of evocative music.

This is a good book to delve into as questions arise along the path to old-age. In the meantime, as death approaches, Dr. Lordahl encourages all readers to keep a checklist of as many positive, creative avenues to live as fully as possible to Age into Beauty.

—-Catherine Coggan, Gainesville, Florida

Age into Beauty: Checklist for Aging

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